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Diversity of places of residence and discovery

Our region benefits from an extraordinary diversity of places of stay and discovery, ... from La Rochelle to Bordeaux, from the Marais Poitevin to the Gironde, from the coast of Charente-Maritime to the interior of the Charentes and Poitou, ... the coastal towns of Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle, Rochefort, Royan, ... the islands of Charente-Maritime, Ré, Oléron, Aix, the beaches and seaside resorts of the Charente-Maritime, Chatelaillon-Plage, Fouras, Marennes-Plage, Ronce-les-Bains, Palmyra, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, Vaux-sur-Mer, Royan, Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, Meschers, ... the ports of the estuary of the Gironde, Mortagne-sur-Gironde, Blaye, Bourg-sur-Gironde, the towns of the interior, Saintes, Cognac, Jarnac, Jonzac, Pons, Saint-Jean d'Angely, Poitiers, Niort, Angoulême, ... and also dozens of small towns, villages, villages, ports, on the coast as inland, where it is good to stay ...

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Charentes and estuary of Gironde

The region stretching from the south of the Vendée to the Gironde estuary occupies a unique position on the Atlantic coast of continental Europe, between the 45th and 46th parallels. This situation gives it a mild and sunny climate.

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The coast of Charente-Maritime

From Vitrezay, a small port on the Gironde estuary at the southern end of the Charente-Maritime department to Charron, southern limit of the Vendée, the Marais Poitevin gate on the sea, all the remarkable sites on an original map.

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Cities from La Rochelle to Bordeaux

La Rochelle La Rochelle, unavoidable on the Atlantic Coast
The Vieux Port, the Saint-Nicolas tower, the Chaîne tower, the Lanterne tower, the Duperré quay, the Big Clock, the old quarters, the Town Hall, the Gabut district, the Aquarium, the Great Yachts Basin, the Maritime Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Mail, the parks, the marina of Minimes, the boat show of the Grand Pavois, the Francofolies, ...

Rochefort Rochefort, new city of the 17th century
Exceptional architecture, restored buildings, the Colbert square, wide avenues, the Arsenal, the Corderie Royale, the Hermione shipyard, the Jardin des Retours, the Begonia Conservatory, the National Marine Museum, the House of Pierre Loti, the ports in town, the thermal baths, the Transporter Bridge, ...

Marennes Marennes and Marennes-Oléron
The city of Marennes is famous in France and beyond by its oysters and regionally by its bell tower. But Marennes also has other attractions that make it a place to stay and a must for a stroll during a visit to the region.

Royan Royan, the great seaside resort of Charente-Maritime
The Grande Conche beach, the sea front, the Notre-Dame church, the Central Market, Foncillon, Pontaillac, Belle Epoque villas and chalets, the seaside architecture of the 1950s, the marina, the port of fishing, the Royan-Le Verdon ferry, the Violon sur le Sable, the thalassotherapy center, ..

Blaye Blaye, citadel and wines of Bordeaux
Whether you love history, beautiful landscapes or good wines, you will be filled by a visit to Blaye. Blaye, for some, this name evokes the citadel that dominates the Gironde, for others this name evokes the wines of Bordeaux from the right bank of the estuary of Gironde.

Bourg Bourg or Bourg-sur-Gironde
The town of Bourg is located about fifteen kilometers south of Blaye. Bourg, historic town overlooking the Dordogne and the beginning of the Gironde estuary

bordeaux Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Openness to the world, urban planning of the century of lights, homogeneity of its architecture, culture, evolution and modernity, Bordeaux, inscribed on June 28th, 2008 on the list of the sites of the World inheritance of UNESCO, is more than ever unavoidable.

The islands of Charente-Maritime, Ré, Aix, Madame, Oléron

Ile de Ré Ile de Ré, a reputation that is not overrated
The charming ports and villages of the Ile de Ré, the sandy beaches, the bike paths, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, the citadel, La Flotte-en-Ré, the Châteliers Abbey, Ars-en Ré, the Fier d'Ars, Loix, the salt marshes, Les Portes, Trousse-Chemise, le Phare des Baleines,...

Ile d'Aix Ile d'Aix, island "& quot; "without cars
The island of Aix, change of scenery guaranteed, the last true island of Charente-Maritime, off Fouras and Fort Boyard. Fort de la Rade, Fort Liédot, ramparts, the house of Napoleon, 1st testify to the military and historical past of the island of Aix ...

Ile Madame Ile Madame, Port-des-Barques, a unique site in Charente-Maritime
Madame Island is located 50 km south of La Rochelle, 50 km north of Royan and 20 km west of Rochefort. The Madame island is connected to the land by a low-water discovery route called "Passe aux Boeufs", which leaves from Port-des-Barques on the south bank of the Charente estuary ...

Oléron Ile d'Oleron, the southernmost of the Atlantic littoral islands
Its climate is very mild as evidenced by the abundant presence of mimosas. The Château d'Oleron and its citadel, Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, Saint Pierre d'Oléron, Boyardville, La Cotinière, Saint-Denis d'Oléron, La Brée, ...

Coastal resorts,from north to south

Today, the coastline of Charente-Maritime is among the busiest      of France during the summer period but tourist urbanization and      infrastructures have developed harmoniously with      the environment.

Inland cities

Saintes Saintes
Saintes, two thousand years of history. Saintes, the Gallo-Roman city, the      testimonials from the capital of the great Roman province of Aquitaine.

Cognac Cognac
Cognac, it's the river Charente, the walks on the quays, it is stroll in the old city, it is the visit of the famous      Cognac brands ...

Jarnac Jarnac
The history of the city is inseparable from the river Charente. The        gabarres have largely contributed to the development of the city with the        trade in salt, wine, spirits.

Pons Pons, a city in the heart of Saintonge
The city of Pons, well known as a medieval city on the way to      Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, offers many other points of interest for      tourists and holiday makers on the Atlantic coast. Pons, we do not pronounce the      '' S '', Pon or Pons, whatever, we must visit Pons when we stay on the      Atlantic coast.

Jonzac Jonzac, heritage and tradition, innovation and exoticism
Jonzac, capital of Haute Saintonge, south of the department of      Charente-Maritime, is a city whose tourist vocation asserts itself so much      to coastal holiday makers than to families looking for      holidays both quiet and dynamic.

Niort Niort, tourist destination
The image of Niort is rather reductive, Niort is the city that welcomes the headquarters of the main mutual insurance companies. At the tourist level, Niort is the more often associated with the Marais Poitevin.
Niort is actually a tourist stage that is worth seeing. Visit Niort, take the time to stroll through the shopping streets and old streets, take the time to walk in the "Coulée Verte", gardens on the banks of the river Sèvre Niortaise

The river Seudre and the country of Marennes

La Seudre The Seudre, the smallest river in Europe
The Seudre gives birth to a magnificent estuary which joins the ocean to the Pertuis de Maumusson, facing the island of Oléron, between Marennes and La Tremblade. The oyster-farming ports, the oyster farms and the ripening beds give a strong identity to the Seudre landscape ...

Visit the Seudre basin

Brouage Brouage, National Site
Brouage, a trip back in the past, the meeting of Saintonge and Quebec, fortifications of the early 17th century, announcing the fortifications of Vauban ...

Sablonceaux Abbey of Sablonceaux
The Abbey of Sablonceaux, twenty kilometers from Royan,in the countryside in the heart of the Romanesque Saintonge, a summary of regional history from the 12th century to the present day with a remarkable range of architectures from the 12th to the 18th centuries.

Sablonceaux Trizay Abbey
Trizay, two great successes, the restoration of the 11th century Priory and the Center of Contemporary Art. For lovers of Romanesque art, heritage, for lovers of cultural events, the Trizay Abbey is a destination that counts, in summer season as in the rest of the year.

abbaye de Fontdouce Abbey of Fontdouce
The Abbaye de Fontdouce is located in an area combining forests, meadows and vineyards. Near Saintes and Cognac, 45 minutes from Royan. Abbaye de Fontdouce has become over the years a very active tourist and cultural site.

château fort saint-jean-d'angle Castle of Saint-Jean d'Angle
After a complete renovation and its opening to the public, the Château Fort of Saint-Jean d'Angle is a must-see destination to discover and live the Middle Ages in the Gulf of Saintonge. The Château Fort of Saint-Jean d'Angle is ideally located in Charente-Maritime between Rochefort, Saintes, Marennes Oléron and Royan and half an hour from La Rochelle.

Moulin des Loges The Moulin des Loges, tide mill
The Moulin des Loges, on the right bank of the river Seudre, in Saint-Just-Luzac, near Marennes, is an ideal stroll to discover the marsh of the Seudre and one of the last tide mills in Europe able to produce flour.

The valley and estuary of the river Charente

Charente The valley of the river Charente
The Charente river and the Charente valley, from Angoulême to Rochefort,     passing by Jarnac, Cognac, Chaniers, Saintes, Port d'Envaux,     Saint-Savinien ...

port-des-barques Port-des-Barques and Madame Island
A privileged location at the southern mouth of the Charente Estuary, family resort on the coast of Charente-Maritime, with its sandy beaches.

saint-nazaire-sur-charente Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente
The Royal Fountain, called Fountain de Lupin is one of the curiosities of the coast of Charente. We are surprised to discover this hexagonal building built in the bed of the Charente river.

The estuary of Gironde

estuaire gironde The estuary of the Gironde, the largest estuary in Europe
The largest estuary in Europe, the best preserved, a world apart and a vast territory from Bordeaux to Cordouan with a natural tourist development of quality.

The right bank of the Gironde estuary

157/5000 From Bourg-sur-Gironde to the Estuaire Park in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, Blaye, Vitrezay, Mortagne-sur-Gironde, Talmont, Meschers, the cliffs, marshes, ...

The left bank of the Gironde estuary

The Médoc and its prestigious wine appellations, Margaux, Moulis, Listrac, Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe; Port Médoc, Le Verdon, Pointe de Grave, Soulac-sur-Mer, the immense beaches, the forest

The northern coast of Charente-Maritime

L'Houmeau The littoral zone of northern Charente-Maritime
In the immediate north of La Rochelle, facing the Ile de Ré, the littoral zone of the north of Charente-Maritime extends to the Marais Poitevin and the bay of l'Aiguillon, L'Houmeau, Marsilly, Esnandes, Charron.

Le Marais Poitevin (The Poitevin Marsh)

Marais Poitevin Le Marais Poitevin ou plutôt les marais poitevins


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The fishing port of Royan

Royan port de pêche vue générale
Royan, le port de pêche

Royan port de pêche
Royan, le port de pêche avec la plage de la Grande Conche en arrière-plan

Royan, le port de pêche avec la criée en arrière-plan
Royan, le port de pêche avec les bâtiments de la criée en arrière-plan

Royan port de pêche, chalutiers
Royan, les chalutiers au port de pêche

Royan port de pêche
Royan, le caseyeur "Fils du Vent"

Royan port de pêche
Royan, port de pêche, le fileyeur KALIMERO

Royan port de pêche
Royan, port de pêche

Royan port de pêche

Royan, port de pêche, le fileyeur AUSTRAL I

Royan port de pêche

Royan port de pêche


Royan port de pêche
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