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The fine sand and the sun of Charente-Maritime are undoubtedly favorable elements to the main activity during the summer period, the beach and swimming. Nautical activities, sailing, motor boating, surfing, sea kayaking, jet-skiing, ... are also very popular during the season. As for sports, tennis, golf, horse, ... lovers of all levels will find in Charente-Maritime high quality equipment and frames in protected natural environments. In Charente-Maritime, cycling is king with networks of cycle paths that extend each year and rental offers in all resorts. Jogging in the forest, by the sea or on the huge beaches at low tide is the ideal combination of form and pleasure. The boat rides are at the top of the Charente-Maritime's major attractions, maritime cruises in the islands and in the estuary of the Gironde, river cruises on the Charente. Several thalassotherapy centers and the spa towns of Rochefort, Saujon and Jonzac put the Charente-Maritime at the forefront in the areas of well-being and health. Seaside walks, outings and day trips in the region are also activities that contribute to the success of a stay in Charente-Maritime.

Nautical activities

La Rochelle, les MinimesThe marinas
The marinas, from the smallest to the largest, the port of Minimes in La Rochelle, are numerous and well distributed on the coast as in the islands.
The number of rings available is supplemented by the installation of dry harbors like that of Mortagne-sur-Gironde.

Saint-PalaisLes Clubs et Centres Nautiques
Each resort has its club or nautical center which offers a wide range of activities sea and wind, sailing school, courses for adults and juniors, sand yachting, ..., equipment rental.

kayakKayaking in Charente-Maritime

Kayaking enthusiasts are more and more numerous in Charente-Maritime. From walks and hikes on rivers and canals to supervised sea excursions for the most experienced, everyone finds pleasure. > Antioche kayak


jet-ski Jet-ski in Charente-Maritime
The jet-ski is a nautical leisure very popular in recent years. Jet skiing is also a competitive sport, a very spectacular mechanical sport.
> Jet-ski in Charente-Maritime

Sports and leisure activities

vélo Cycling, Jogging, Tennis, Golf, Horse, ...

For leisure sports, tennis, golf, horse, fans of all levels will find in Charente-Maritime high quality equipment and frames in protected natural environments.

Health and Fitness, Thalassotherapy

SaujonThe thalassotherapy institutes take advantage of the tonic climate of the Charente-Maritime to offer different formulas of fitness. The Charente-Maritime has three famous spas, Rochefort-sur-Mer, Saujon and Jonzac.


Boat rides

la sirène> sea and fluvial boat rides in Charente-Maritime

The Charente-Maritime, it is 450 kilometers of coast, four islands, Ré, Aix, Madame, Oleron, three estuaries, Charente, Seudre, Gironde, three pertuis, pertuis Breton, Pertuis of Antioche, pertuis de Maumusson, .. The increasing success of boat trips and mini-cruises owes much to the quality offer offered by the various companies

Cordouan> The visit of Cordouan lighthouse

Stars departing from Royan and Pointe de Grave, offer sea excursions in Cordouan and excursions with landing and visit. The crossing lasts about half an hour, and we land on the island of Cordouan, feet in the water. Visits are dependent on coefficients and tide times.
A visit to Cordouan is unforgettable!

Fort BoyardBoat trip around Fort Boyard

The island of Aix, change of scenery guaranteed, the last true island of Charente-Maritime, off Fouras and Fort Boyard. Fort de la Rade, Fort Liédot, ramparts, drawbridge gates, moats, powder magazines, the house of Napoleon 1st testify to the military and historical past of the island of Aix.

bac RoyanThe ferries of the Gironde

Two crossings of the Gironde by ferries, Royan - The Verdon and Blaye - Lamarque, combine a pleasant crossing in the sea and a getaway in the Medoc.


Sea fishing

pêche en mer> Sea fishing in Charente-Maritime

With its great diversity, the coast of Charente-Maritime offers many opportunities for fishing at sea. You will find in several ports of the coast and islands, opportunities for sea trips with experienced fishing guides who will share their passion and their knowledge of the best spots.

The day's getaways

CognacCognac, world famous French city
Cognac, the main cognac brands, the river Charente, the walks on the quays, visit the old city of Cognac, ... The city of Cognac is closer to the coast than we think. Cognac is located on average an hour's drive from the coastline..


vignobles CharentaisThe vineyards, the vineyards of Bordeaux and the vineyards of Cognac-Charentes
From Royan, Médoc with prestigious appellations and the Côtes de Blaye and Côtes de Bourg appellations are an hour away. The two departments Charente and Charente-Maritime produce the wines destined for the production of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes, as well as an extensive range of wines.

bordeauxVisit to Bordeauxx
Openness to the world, homogeneity of its architecture, culture, evolution and modernity, Bordeaux, inscribed on June 28th, 2008 on the list of the sites of the World inheritance of UNESCO, is more than ever unavoidable.


estuaire GirondeEstuary of Gironde
The largest estuary in Europe, the best preserved, a world apart and a vast area from Bordeaux to Cordouan with a natural tourist development of quality. The estuary of Gironde is a country with its history, its traditions, its heritage, its inhabitants, an identity and a future.


train des mouettesThe Seagulls Train (Le Train des Mouettes)
An unforgettable trip by steam locomotive between La Tremblade and Saujon with stops at Mornac and Chaillevette. The Train des Mouettes is ideal for an unusual walk with the family. The Schneider 030 T steam locomotive that tows the train dates back to 1891.


marais poitevinLe Marais Poitevin,
The Marais Poitevins stretch from Niort in the Deux-Sèvres, to the Bay of Aiguillon in Vendée, making a small detour through the Charente-Maritime. The part between Niort and Maillé is nicknamed "La Venise Verte". Nature is the mistress and it is still very well preserved.

Wine tourism - trips to the vineyards

Prepare your outings in the vineyards, Cognac, Charentes, Bordeaux, Medoc, Côtes de Blaye, Côtes de Bourg


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