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The traditional restaurants

Fish speciality dishes, regional cuisine and sea food dishes made from local produce and fish fresh from the region. Generally open all year long, these restaurants are numerous and also well distributed around the region. It is easy to find one of these very good quality restaurants or sometimes several, in practically all of the seaside resorts and in the towns or the villages inland.

The ratio "pleasure / price" is attractive, especially if one compares the prices to the restaurants in other capital cities, such as Paris or the big French and European cities. It is easy to find a highly satisfying choice in the range of menus offered between 15 and 20 euros. It would be a pity not to take advantage of them at least once, or more if one can afford it, during a stay in the region.

Besides the freshness of the products and quality of the cuisine, you will appreciate the service and the proximity and availability of the owner, or the chef, especially during the off-peak season. They will enjoy talking to you about their work and about their region.

In this region there are many restaurants which are situated in exceptionally beautiful places by the edge of the sea or the estuary, with terraces that overlook the surrounding landscape and sea. The magnificent scenery and the typical character of the place, perfectly accompany the meal and contribute towards making it a memorable occasion.

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