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Site map - Walks by the sea, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, France, French Atlantic Coast

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Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, the path of Pierrières,
 "le sentier des Pierrières" from the central beach
 to the rocks
of Pont du Diable


On the right-hand side of the beach, when you look at the sea, take la rue de l’Ocean, which leads to the beginning of the most frequently used path in Saint-Palais.




From a new part of the path laid out during the past few years between the Customs office and the sea, there is a magnificent view of the cliffs, which have been sculptured into shapes by the sea erosion.

Then, take a walk down a path of holm oaks, bent by the sea winds so much that it is necessary to lower your head to walk under the branches.

Just after the villa Minerve, which overlooks the sea, a small bridge allows you to cross a deep crevice into which the sea rushes at high tide.

After a walking up a slight incline, one arrives at the rocks which stretch out to sea, notably the big rock called La Roche aux Moines and the famous Pont du Diable (Bridge of the Devil).

On these rocks shaped by the sea erosion, it is surprising to see certain parts cut in straight lines, obviously artificially made.
They are actually numerous surfaces from which stones were extracted and these stones have been used for the construction of the lighthouse of Cordouan, which is opposite, some miles out to sea.

As far as the legend of the Pont du Diable goes, you can read about it, in French, on the placard that you will find a little further down the path which runs along the beach of Le Platin. It is from here that one has the best view of the rocks of the famous Pont du Diable and of the beautiful beach of Le Platin.

The path of the "corniche" of Nauzan

The path of the ‘corniche’ of Nauzan is less than a kilometre long and runs from the quiet beach of Nauzan to the central beach of Saint-Palais.

Overlooking the sea you will find beautiful villas built in the typical style of the first half of the 20th century.

On beautiful summer evenings, the cliff of Nauzan is one of the favourite walks of the people of Saint-Palais.

First of all there is the sunset. Then, from nightfall, there is a permanent spectacle ; the beams from the lighthouse of Cordouan with its three eclipses every 12 seconds, the lamp-posts lining the sea front of Soulac, on the opposite side of the estuary, the red and green buoys which mark out the channel of the Gironde estuary, the lights of the cargo boats, the moonlight and its reflection on the sea, …


L'allée des chênes verts
Le Pont du Diable
Le panneau d'information sur le Pont du Diable
Le sentier de la corniche de Nauzan
les villas sur la corniche de Nauzan

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