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The Sea Front of Royan

The curve follows the coast and it is easy to appreciate the vision of the town planners and the architects of the 1950s.

The buildings on the sea front, apartments two storeys high above the shops under the arches, form a crescent 600 metres long.

The curve follows the coast and it is easy to appreciate the vision of the town planners and the architects of the 1950s who planned this sea front which successfully separates two complementary sectors of the town : the beach life and the town life.

On the sea front, there is a holiday atmosphere, the arcades vibrant and alive with people going backwards and forwards all day and during the evening.

Some evenings, it is difficult to get through the mass of people thronging the arcades and to avoid the waiters of the restaurants who skilfully cut their way through the good-natured crowd.

The specialities of the numerous restaurants are obviously fish, oysters, mussels, shellfish, … the trays of superb seafood are a feast for the eye as well as the mouth. The pleasure/price ratios are fully acceptable, especially if the prices are compared to the big Parisian brasseries! (or to London restaurants !)

Amongst the other cafés and brasseries, you will notice ' Le Portique ' where it's very pleasant to have a drink or an ice-cold dessert, ensconced in the comfortable armchairs on the immense terrace of one of the most popular places on the sea front.

The name of this brasserie is a reminder of the Portique walk, which was originally built between the two parts of the sea front, perpendicular to the axis of the avenue that leads to the market. This ‘Portique’ was demolished at the same time as the Casino to make way for leisure areas and for magnificent flowerbeds.

On the Town side, the aspect is of a very built-up area but the red tiled roofs of the houses soften this impression harmoniously.

Le Café 'Le Portique'
La terrasse du café 'Le Portique'

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Hôtel Atlantis Royan

Hotel Atlantis is a charming hotel next to the main beach of Royan in a quiet area of the town centre.


Hotel Les Bleuets Royan

Facing the Foncillon beach, next to the City Congress Center, ideal location on Royan sea side.

Palmyre Loisirs

Hotel La Croisette Royan

In a nice and sunny setting, 200 meters from the beach, "La Croisette" welcomes you all the year.

Hotel Le Pasteur Royan

downtown Royan  in a quiet area very close to the sea, close to the famous Central Market.

Hôtel Le Richelieu

Le Richelieu Hotel in Saujon, 10 minutes away from Royan, 20 air-conditioned rooms,all different.

Hotel Residence de Rohan
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Le Logis, under the warm Charente sun, 600 metres from the sea and 10 km from Royan, much of it situated in a pine forest

Camping des Deux Plages
Campsite at Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, close to the beaches and the town centre.

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