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Royan, Notre Dame church dominates the town

Notre Dame church dominates the town. Its silhouette can be seen from a distance, either when arriving by road from Saintes or when leaving by the Royan-Le Verdon ferry.

It was built between 1955 and 1958, facing the east, in the same district as the original church which was destroyed by the bombing during the second world war.

With its impressive dimensions and its astounding architecture, it is often described as a cathedral. The spire of the belfry is 60 metres high, the same height as the Notre-Dame de Paris towers.

The nave is made of rough concrete, built without an internal pillar, in the shape of an ellipse, 80 metres long and 45 metres wide. It is 36 metres high at either end of the parabolic vault  and 28 metres high in the centre.

The architecture takes into account the slope of the ground with the main entrance situated on the highest part of the slope. From the top of the stairs, which descend into the nave, one can appreciate the dimensions of the building. The beauty of the stained glass window behind the altar is enhanced by the light which penetrates from the stained glass windows at the side, giving a soft light and an impression of peace appropriate for meditation

The big organ

The organ was set up in 1964. It is considered by organists and music lovers to be an exceptional instrument. It is the first large one to be built since the 18th Century, measuring sixteen feet in height and being made of beaten pewter.

Concerts are regularly held throughout the season. In July 2001, the participation of the organ, aided by the use of technology in the concert "Violin on the Sand", made the organ widely popular.

If you would like to have more detailed information about this organ and see an excellent photograph, please visit

web site

The use of concrete allowed rapid construction of the church and daring architecture to be used but unfortunately, this material ages rather badly and because of this, there are now a renovation of the building.


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